Major Tech Tool Backpack Electrical Kit - TBP5-9

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The MajorTech TBP5-9 Tool Back Pack transforms into a portable workstation before your eyes.

It is an excellent solution for installers and repair technicians that need to transport tools while still having their hands free whether for climbing ladders or carrying bulky replacement parts. The overall design incorporates a removable sleeve with pockets of various sizes and configurations to hold a multitude of tools and small parts. Great for HVAC, satellite/cable television, telecom/networking, stadium lighting, and wind turbine technicians or any trade where convenient hands-free tool transport is desired.

Kit Includes :

  • EPC0109: 225mm Combination Pliers
  • EP0106: 165mm Combination Pliers
  • DP0108: 210mm Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  • DP0106: 165mm Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  • LP0108: 205mm Long Nose Pliers
  • LP0106: 165mm Long Nose Pliers
  • CS0338: 38mmCable Shear
  • TSD0320S: Terminal Driver
  • UK0306: Utility Knife
  • SP1006: 160mm Wire Stripper
  • HV0305: 5m Tape Measure
  • AS0308: 200mm Adjustable Spanner
  • VNS1407: Neon Screwdriver Tester
  • HP0335: 100g Hammer
  • HSP0606: 150mm Junior Hacksaw
  • KTK0707SG: 7 Piece 1000V Screwdriver Set








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